This is a list of some of the architects who have designed buildings in Kern County.

Ned Hyman Abrams (3/13/1915 – 2/2/1999)
-Honolulu Oil Corporation Geological Department Office (1953), Bernard & Sacramento Streets
Clifford A. Balch (6/23/1880 – 12/14/1963)
-River Theatre, 1213 N. Chester Avenue
Erskine Bemus (8/25/1849 – 10/21/1921)
-Baer Residence
-Beggs Residence
-Jamison Residence
-Labor Temple, 1305 19th Street
Albert Austin Bennett (7/26/1825 – 12/1890)
-Kern County Court House (1876)
Charles Howatt Biggar (1/11/1882 – 5/16/1946)
-American Legion Stanley F. Little Post, Taft (1925)
-Anglo-American Bank
-Bakersfield Fire Department Station 1 (1939), 2120 H Street
-The Bakersfield Californian, 1707 Eye Street
Chamber of Commerce Building (1928), 3801 Chester Avenue
-Daly Plumbing (1926), 1310-1314 18th Street
-Delano Union High School Auditorium
-Delano Union High School Physical Education Building
-East Bakersfield High School, 2200 Quincy Street
-First Baptist Church (1904), 1200 Truxtun Avenue
-First Baptist Church Addition (1932), 1200 Truxtun Avenue
-Fish Building (1938), 1831 Chester Avenue
-Fox Theatre (1930), 2001 H Street
-Haberfelde Building, 1706 Chester Avenue
-Harvey Auditorium, KCUHS (1940)
-Kern Co. Airport Headquarters, Steel Hangars & Machine Shop Building
-Kern County Fair Exhibition Building (1927), Chester Avenue
-Kern County Jail, Arvin
-Kern County Library, Delano
-Kern County Library, McKittrick
-Kern County Library, Mojave (1928)
-Kern County Library, Shafter
-Kern County Library, Taft
-Kern County Union High School
-Kern General Hospital
-Standard School Auditorium
-Stonybrook Sanitarium Administration Building, Keene
-Taft High School
Tejon Theatre (1947), 1200 Baker Street
-U.S. Government Experiment Farm, Shafter
-Woman’s Club of Bakersfield (1921), 2030 18th Street
Charles H. Biggar and Thomas B. Wiseman
-Kern County Jail, Bakersfield
Whitney Biggar (5/25/1920 – 2/27/2005)
-Whitney Biggar Residence, 3311 Chester Lane
-Kern County Library Headquarters, 1315 Truxtun Avenue
-Elk Hills Petroleum Reserve Headquarters
-First Congregationalist Church
-Highland High School, 2900 Royal Scots Way
-Residence (1960), 460 Pine Street, Shafter
-Rosewood Retirement Community, 1301 New Stine Road
-William Penn Elementary School (1955), 2201 San Emidio Street
-West High School, 1200 New Stine Road
Eugene D. Birnbaum (1915 – 1999)
-International House Of Pancakes, 1530 California Avenue
A. B. Chase
-William Howell Residence (1891), 1626 17th Street (probably working for B. McDougall & Sons)
Orville Lee Clark (3/10/1884 – 4/27/1940)
-Bakersfield Club, 19th & F Streets
-Bakersfield Fire Department Station 2, 716 E. 21st Street
-Bakersfield Garage, 20th & H Streets
-Beale Memorial Library – Kern Branch (1915), 1400 Baker Street
-Berges Building, 19th & H Streets
-Caledonia Masonic Temple Lodge #486 (1939), 718 Oregon Street
-Conley School, Taft
-Cook, L.R. Apartment, Chester Avenue and 19th Street
-Delano Hotel Addition
-Dixon Apartments
-Emerson School Addition (1912)
-Fox Hotel, Taft
-Franklin School
-Fremont School
-T.W. Helm Residence
-William H. Hill Residence, 18th and B Streets
-Dave Hirshfeld Residence, I Street
-Hotel Decatur (1910), 2027 19th Street
-Hotel Koesel, 1102 19th Street
-Hotel Massena Addition, 1627 I Street
-Hotel Olcovich
-Ideal Livery Stables
-Kern County Abstract Company (1911), 1715 Chester Avenue
-Kern County Hospital East Wing (1912)
-Kern County Jail, Bakersfield (1914), 800 Truxtun Avenue
-Manley Apartments
-Maricopa School House
-Mariposa Hotel, 4th and Main Streets, Taft
-Massena Hotel Annex
-Mercy Hospital, 2215 Truxtun Avenue
-New Southern Garage
-Noriega Residence, Baker Street
-Olcese Residence, Baker Street
-Pacific Telephone & Telegraph Company, 1520 20th Street
-Payne & Sons Funeral Home (1911), 1928 19th Street
-Paleto School (1910), Maricopa
-Residence at 2128 18th Street
-E.M. Roberts Residence, L Street between 24th and 25th Streets
-Southern Garage, Chester Avenue & 25th Street
-Standard School (1911), Oil Center Road now China Grade Loop
-Sullivan Residence, 2703 19th Street
-Taft Primary School (1913)
-Taft Union High School (1917)
-Tegeler Hotel Redesign from Oil Exchange Building
-Toltec School
-Wasco School
-H.F. Williams School, 1201 Williams Street
-T.A. Wilson Residence
Orville L. Clark & Erskine Bemus
-Bakersfield Garage – Second Story
-Charles A. Barlow Residence – Guild House, 1905 18th Street

    -Decatur Hotel (1910)
-Christian Mattly Residence, NE Corner of 18th and B Streets
-Dr. P.S. Wilbur Residence, NW Corner of 18th and B Streets
John M. Cooper
Hotel Padre (1928), 1813 H Street
George F. Costerisan and William O. Merithew
-Kern County High School (1895)
Dave Gardner Cross
-Community National Bank
Clarence Cullimore, Sr. (10/20/1885 – 12/1963)
-Alfred & Lorraine Ames Residence (1932), 2929 21st Street
-Beardsley School Remodel (1934)
-Ray Burus Residence, 2917 21st Street
-Cecil & Lucile Chase Residence (1935), 2123 1st Street
-Clarence Cullimore, Sr. Residence (1930), 101 Oleander Avenue
-E. Buell Daniel Residence (1942), 143 Oleander Avenue
-Asa Diamon Residence (1936), 620 Holtby Road
-James & Imogene Dorrance Residence (1937), 2115 1st Street
-Firman & Lennice Eyraud Residence (1929), 30 Flower Street
Family Service Laundry, California Avenue & P Street
-Albert S. Goode Residence (1938), 625 Holtby Road
-Frank & Florence Finlayson/Hopson Residence (1934), 29 Oleander Avenue
-Maurice & Ruth Hubbell Residence (1934), 2630 21st Street
-Wallace Axel & Ida Johnson Residence (1935), 629 Holtby Road
-Elsie McCutchen Residence (1934), 2115 Verde Street
-Dr. and Mrs. Jack Nicholson Residence, 2630 21st Street
-St. Andrew’s Episcopal Mission, Taft
-Glenn E. Stanfield Residence (1932)
-Clyde Stickler Residence (1935), 2615 21st Street
-William Van Ewart Residence, 716 Holtby Road
-Walter Wickersham Residence, 104 Oleander Avenue
-Dr. and Mrs. E.C. Zimmer Residence, 527 Oleander
Clarence Cullimore, Jr. (4/12/1926 – )
-Paul & Carol Peacock Residence (1958), 944 Fairway Drive
Clinton Day (1846-1/11/1916)
-Beale Memorial Clock Tower (1904)
Peter H. Dodge
-Walter Stiern Library, California State University Bakersfield
Robert N. Eddy (8/19/1915 – 2/18/2005) and William H. Paynter (11/14/1924 – 4/21/2004)
-Automobile Club of Southern California, 2301 F Street
    -Bakersfield City Hall (1954)
    -Brock’s Department Store (in association with C.M. Deasy)
    -Caliente Elementary School
    -Church of the Mennonite Brethren
    -Civic Center Office Building
    -College Crest Apartments
    -College Heights Congregational Church
    -Continental Telephone Corporation
    -Elk Hills Elementary School
    -First Western Bank & Trust Company (Bakersfield & Delano)
    -Greenacres Elementary School
    -Greyhound Bus Terminal
    -Kern County Golf Course Services Building
    -Kern County Health Center
    -Kern County Superintendent of Schools District Office (1975)
    -Kern County Union High School District Administrative Offices (1954), 2400 24th Street
    -Lincoln Junior High School Education Center
    -Mohawk Petroleum Corporation District Office
    -Naval Ordinance Test Station, China Lake
    -Oak Park Tower (1970)
    -Occidental Exploration & Production Company Offices (1975)
    -Oro Vista Housing Project  (F.P.H.A.)
    -Mr. & Mrs. Ernest Panero Residence, Shafter (1950)
    -Saba’s Men’s Store (1953)
    -Salvation Army Headquarters Building
    -Salvation Army Men’s Rehabilitation Center
    -Southern California Gas Company Offices
    -Sparkle Laundry
    -Tejon Ranch Company Development
    -Tenneco Corporation Western Headquarters
    -Trudy Richards Apartments
    -Union Oil Company Building Addition
    -United California Bank, Bakersfield
    -U. S. Air Force, Edwards Air Force Base, Muroc (in association with C.M. Deasy)
    -U.S. Army Corp of Engineers
    -U. S. Army Reserve Training Center (in association with C.M. Deasy)
    -U. S. Marine Corps Air Station, Mojave (in association with C.M. Deasy)
    -Veterans Memorial Building
    -C.J. Vignolo Residence, Shafter
    -Young Men’s Christian Association
Charles Henry Franklin (3/3/1891-8/6/1956) and Ernest J. Kump, Jr. (12/29/1911 – 11/4/1999)
-Hugh Sill Residence (1937)
-Sill Building (1938)
Frank Ghezzi
-Bakersfield Civic Auditorium
-Dr. Banks Residence
-Cerro Coso Community College
-Dr. Christensen Residence
Clifford Harding (8/3/1922 – 8/26/1994)
-Barber Pontiac
Frasch Residence, 1033 Tam O’Shanter Drive
Harding and Gaines
-Rio Bravo Ranch Tennis Club
C. I. Havens
-Union Ice Company (1901), 3401 Chester Avenue
-Bank of America (1930)
Higgins and Root
-St. Paul’s Episcopal Church (1953)
Everett M. Hinshaw
-Jastro Building/Standard Oil Building, 1800 19th Street
Lewis Parsons Hobart (1/14/1873 – 10/19/1954)
    -Beale Theatre (1907-08)
-Trinity Chapel, Randsburg
John Galen Howard (5/8/1864 – 7/18/1931)
-First Presbyterian Church Reconstruction (1921)
John Howlett
-Chester & Livermore Store (1870)
Earle Huguens and Donald B. Parkinson (8/10/ 1895 – 11/17/1945)
-Courtlandt Gross House, Tehachapi
Ernest J. Kump, Sr. and Ernest J. Kump, Jr.
-Ye Olde English Village Apartments (1929), 1823 Myrtle Street
S. Charles Lee (9/5/1899 – 1/27/1990)
Fox Theatre (1930), 2001 H Street
-Nile Theatre (1938), 1721 19th Street
-Sierra Theatre, 915 11th Avenue, Delano
Maginnis, Walsh and Sullivan (Charles Donagh Maginnis, Timothy Walsh, and Matthew Sullivan)
-Saint Francis Church (1905)
Cliff May (1909-1989)
-George and Dodo Nickel Residence, Rio Bravo Ranch
-1011 Tam O’Shanter Drive
Bernard Ralph Maybeck (2/7/1862-10/3/1957)
-Sidney H. Greeley Residence Addition (1920)
Ernest Lynn McCoy (1/31/1906 – 3/7/1981)
-Bank of America, Lake Isabella (1976)
-Chipman Junior High School
-Compton Junior High School (1958)
-Kern County Courts and Administration Building (1952)
-KPMC, 307 East 21st Street
-San Joaquin Community Hospital
-Wayside Elementary School
-Wesley United Methodist Church Sanctuary (1963), 3030 Niles Street
McDougall & Sons
-Bakersfield School House (c1895)
-Abia T. Lightner Residence (1891), 2004 Railroad/Truxtun Avenue
-Semitropic School House (c1895)
-Southern Hotel
-Dr. John Snook Residence (1891), 1905 Railroad/Truxtun Avenue
Benjamin G. McDougall (1/10/1865 – 6/11/1937)
-Bakersfield Opera House – Nile Theater (1906), 1721 19th Street
-Beale Memorial Library (1900)
-St. Paul’s Episcopal Church (1902), 17th and Eye Streets
L. M. McDougall
-C. L. Hollis Residence (1893)
-E. Lemke Residence (1893)
-Louis V. and Margaret Olcese Residence (1893), 528 Monterey Street
Arthur C. Metcalf (7/10/1908 – 12/16/1997), Wayman Francis Parsons and John W. Wright (3/1/1910 – 6/30/1997)
-Sheriff’s Facility and County Garage, Truxtun and Chester Avenues
-Kern County Underground Garage
-Utility Building for County Administration Building & Garage
-Bakersfield College Campus (1956 – Humanities, Home Economics, Library, Speech & Music, Men’s Dorm,
     Women’s Dorm, Campus Center, Science & Engineering, Art, Trades & Industries, Agriculture, Gymnasium,
     Memorial Stadium; 1962 – Math-Science; 1963 – Horticulture Lab; 1967 – Language Arts, Forums, Finlinson
     Conference Center)
Frederick Herman Meyer (6/26/1876 – 3/6/1961)
-Kern County Courthouse, Bakersfield (1910)
-Bank of Bakersfield (1910)
Willard K. Michael (11/14/1892 – 11/22/1957)
-Arvin School
-Atwood Courts
-Bowerbank School (Buttonwillow)
-Buena Vista School
-Edith Cross Residence
-George Frazee Residence
-T.W. Hanley Residence
-George Hottle Residence
-John R. Huff Residence
-J.B. James Residence
-John L. Knight Residence
-August Maurel Residence
-Metcalf Courts
-Painter Apartments
-John R. Thomas Residence
-Warren Apartments
Richard Neutra (4/8/1892 – 4/16/1970)
-Frank E. Davis Residence (1938), 2914 21st Street
-Albert M. & Patricia Leddy Residence (1959), 2501 Dracena Street
-Norwalk Service Station (1939), 800 Oak Street
Wayman Francis Parsons (2/6/1903 – 3/21/1981)
-The Fort, Taft (1940)
-Ranger’s House at Hart Park (1939)
George Rible
-First Presbyterian Church (1913)
Jackson M. Saffell (2/27/1858 – 4/23/1936)
-Axelson Machine Building (1912)
-First Bank of Kern (1901)
-Hotel Mortensen
-Verdier Building
David Salfield and Hermann Kohlberg
-Kern County Jail, Bakersfield (1894)
Henry A. Schulze
-Kern County Land Company Building (1894), 1712 19th Street
William Sanders Tevis Residence (circa 1898)
Edward F. Sibbert, Jr.
-S. H. Kress Building (1931), 1401 19th Street
Samuel G. Smartt
-Smartt Apartments/Porterfield Hotel (1911), 1715 18th Street
McNeal Swasey (11/11/1891 – 10/13/1946) and Hayne
-Bank of America (1930)
Edwin J. Symmes (2/14/1883 – 9/10/1935)
-First Church of Christian Scientist (1931), 2201 18th Street
Edwin J. Symmes and Clarence Cullimore
-Arvin Grammar School
-Beardsley Grammar School (1928)
-Beardsley Grammar School Additions and Alterations (1930)
-Buttonwillow Grammar School
Granada Theatre (1927)
-Kern County Social Welfare Building and Annex (1934), 1115 26th Street
-McFarland Grammar School
-McFarland High School
New China Cafe (1928), 801 18th Street
-Shafter Grammar School
-Shafter High School
-Lawrence Weill Residence (1935), 21st Street between Elm and Oak
Edwin J. Symmes and Stanton D. Willard, (2/3/1891 – 9/27/1964)
-Kern County Department of Agriculture Building (1937-38)
    -Kern County Welfare Department and Annex (1934)
Oscar Tomerlin
    -Bakersfield Inn (1929)
Robert F. Train and Robert Edmund Williams
Kern County Hall of Records (1909)

William Henry Weeks (1/18/1864 – 4/29/1936)
-Taft High School Music Building (1931)
Carl Werner
-Masonic Temple (1923-24), 1920 18th Street
James A. Wetmore (1863 – 3/14/1940)
-United States Post Office, 18th Street (1924)
Stanford White (1853 – 1906)
-William Sanders Tevis Residence
Thomas Blaine Wiseman (4/23/1885 – 4/20/1920)
-Bakersfield Club
-Baldwin Building
-Baldwin Stables
-Bank of Maricopa, Maricopa
-Bush Building, Maricopa
-Conley School, Taft
-Coons & Price Building, Maricopa
-Echo Building
-El Reposo Corte
-Gardner Building
-Greene Building, Wasco
-Helm & Cormack Building, Wasco
-Herrington-Cohn Building
-Hotel Euclid
-Hotel Manchester
Hotel Moronet
-KCUHS Manual Arts Building
-Midway School, Fellows
-Morgan Building
-Presbyterian Church
-Rice Building
-Scofield Building
-Wasco Grammar School
Frank Lloyd Wright
-Dr. George and Millie Ablin Residence (1958), 4260 Country Club Drive
-Delano Mortuary, 707 Browning Road
Frank Wynkoop (1/24/1902 – 9/1978)
-Kern County Hall of Records reface (1939-40)
-Clinic & Apartments (1938)

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